BrickFlicks Space Force

for Schools

Take your students on an exciting journey to make their very own 12 shot stop motion animation movie. This course includes stop motion kits delivered straight to your school.

Choose a package that will suit your class or school and we will be ready to help you with any questions you have throughout the course.


BrickFlicks for Primary Schools

Space Force Stop Motion Package

Due to increasing demand, this year we are introducing our Virtual Classroom! It is based on our 20+ years of experience teaching in schools throughout Ireland as well as our lifelong passion with the artform. The virtual classroom is self guided but can also include live calls with a tutor.

Students are guided step by step in learning how to make a simple 12-shot stop motion animation movie by following our using easy to use video tutorials that ensure that you and your students are engaged and enjoying the sessions throughout. 

We refer to the animation style that we use as Brickflicks, it is essentially storytelling using a combination of stop motion animation, LEGO and a variety of mixed materials. Our first release is the Space Force Programme and contains everything that you will need to ensure that your class can create their very own Stop Motion Animation with LEGO.


The Classroom kit is delivered to your school and includes 10 x LEGO Creator Sets, materials, accessories, online tutorials, downloadable resources as well as a suite of practical activities and online support throughout. 


This special Stop Motion Animation package is specifically designed for Senior Primary school students – 3rd – 6th Class and  Junior cycle classes. The kit is ideal for Project Based collaborative learning as students work together in groups of up to 3 (depending on class size) using one kit per group. They will gain experience in all elements of the programme.

What is included in the package?

10 x Classroom Stop Motion Kits per class


  • 1x LEGO Cyber Drone Creator set
  • 2x coloured LEGO baseplates
  • 1x customised space set background Assorted LEGO Bricks
  • A Class set of 30 x A4 Certificates

Online Course access 


Space Force Course – an easy to follow, step by step online course of video tutorials to use in the classroom. Students will learn different animation techniques by creating a short movie. They will also learn how to use storyboards, how to build a set, how to animate characters and objects with simple materials and how to edit their final movie.

Live Zoom classes (Gold classroom only)

Live online zoom calls with a personal tutor where you can get feedback, see live demonstrations and schedule the calls to work with your class and school.

School requirements


In order for the complete this course and make your own movies, the class and school will need a few items.

Mobile Devices


This will require a mobile device with the Stop Motion Studio app downloaded onto it. There should be one device between 2-4 children

 Classroom projector 


Live tutorials would be best projected onto the class board. Your classroom will require a projector /smart TV, access to zoom and speakers. It will also be necessary for the tutor to see and hear the class.

Meet Your Instructor

Dave Sheehan

The BrickFlicks team has over 15 years of experience delivering workshops to children in Stop Motion, Music, and Digital Media. BrickFlicks tutor Dave Sheehan has been creating fun and educational content for children of all ages since 2014, and has delivered BrickFlicks workshops to children in school & venues all over Ireland including The Ark Childrens Cultural Centre, Dublin, Riverbank Arts and Solstice Arts. The Academy is a fun, safe place for children to learn new skills and share their work with the BrickFlicks animators. All content is specific to the age category (8-12 years) and designed to engage this group.

Information for this course

What you need to access this course

1. A mobile device (smartphone or tablet) for each group of 2-3 students
2. Stop Motion Studio Pro app (€5.99) downloaded.
3. Storage space on the device

4. A laptop connected to your classroom projector with speakers for the tutor to talk to the class and perform live demonstrations



What App does this course use?

This course uses Stop Motion Studio Pro. We Strongly recommend you use the paid version as it will be required at certain stages throughout the course.

Please make sure you can download the latest version of the app and that the operating system of your device is up to date.

Older operating systems or devices may not be compatible anymore with the new version of the app.

Additional Resources

Alongside the videos, this course includes downloadable teacher resources : templates, backgrounds & storyboards.

What do I get with the course?

Along with getting advice and live demonstrations from an experienced tutor, you also get a Stop Motion Kit with lego packs, mini-figure, base plate, background & certificate.


BrickFlicks is part of Createschool – A team of passionate dedicated professionals with over 20 years of experience in delivering workshops to young people.

We are all Garda vetted and comply with the child protection GDPR. To find out more read our Quality Assurance manual here –

Minimum age

Suitable for Senior Primary classes: ages 8yrs +

Do I get a Certificate with this course?

Yes. You get a Certificate with each Student delivered to your school with the Stop Motion Kits.

Get your class to create their own version of our stop motion movie using storyboards, camera angles, set building and lots and lots of creativity.